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What is the FDP?

The Frog Developer Platform (FDP) is a set of resources to enable third party developers to extend or add new functionality to Frog.

Frog Widget Framework

Based on the Universal Widget API (UWA), the Frog Widget framework acts as the 'container' for third party code to enable it to be displayed within the Frog environment in a native and secure way. To get to grips with the framework, read An Introduction to the Widget Format.

Frog APIs

Frog have released a number of APIs to enable third parties to securely access & manipulate certain data within the Frog environment. For a full list of available methods, check out the API Reference


FrogLib is a set of helper objects and functions to enable easy access to the Frog APIs from within the Widget framework. To get to grips with this, I recommend you read through Accessing the Frog API

A Note on Security

Schools have full control over the FDP installed on their own site. They control access to all endpoints described in this documentation. Widgets can only be installed from the Widget Store or manually created on the Frog instance itself. Widgets adhere to the permissions of the logged in user. Please ensure you check and manage access and permissions accordingly.

When posting information or links on the Frog FDP site please take care to ensure that this does not lead, directly or indirectly, to providing access to any of your own confidential or sensitive data.

Latest Community Question:

Help with calendar

I would like to know if there is a more efficient way of doing what I am trying to do. I end up having to call loads of urls which can sometimes take a while. I am... -Calling users.getCalendars -Looking for the read only calendars (and assuming they are all class timetables) -Saving the calendar IDs (about 10 on average) -Looping through these and calling calendar.getEvents Thanks, Natasha

Natasha Williams Answer this Question

FDP Workshops

We run a series of FDP workshops in order to help you get to grips with the platform. For more information, please see the workshops page.

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FDP Support

This site should become your first port of call for all things FDP. If you have feedback or would like to see additional services on this site please contact us on

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